About Us

About Us

Videolla was created to help those looking to deepen their personal education. There are a growing number of excellent sources for learning online but they are scattered all over the place. Videolla is dedicated to helping aggregate all the best online courses into one single, easily browsable, no-BS location.

Our Course Catalog

The courses available in our catalog come from all over the web. We make a great effort to attribute proper ownership and original sources for courses that we include. However, sometimes the same online course gets listed on multiple websites under slightly different titles. In these instances, you may find duplicate versions of the same course in our catalog.

Some of the courses in our catalog are officially sponsored by major academic institutions such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or North Carolina State University. Other courses may have been produced by single authors of their own accord. When possible, we aggregate the ratings for courses to provide a baseline for comparing quality. However, not all courses have been rated and therefore some newer courses, more specialized courses, and those with misleading titles may have ratings that don’t accurately reflect the quality of their content. Simply put; look before you leap.

Our Organization

When possible, we organize courses into major topical categories such as Mathematics, Computer Science, or Arts and Humanities. This system of organization allows us to effectively place courses within broadly applicable containers for easy browsing. This system fails when the deeper specification is needed. For those seeking to browse more specific sub-categories of courses, we recommend using the search bar in combination with categorical features. For example; searching for “analytics” with the “Business” category filter would return a catalog of courses related to Business Analytics while searching for “analytics” with the “Mathematics” category filter would return statistics-related courses.

We’re Growing

We are constantly on the lookout for new sources of courses to include in our catalog. We will make an effort to display the newest, most-relevant, courses in a manner that makes current information more easily accessible. For example, course category pages will include option sorting filters for “newest” courses to be displayed first.

There are many sources of online learning on the web today. Our credo for consideration of these courses is twofold; quality and accessibility. If an online course requires a large financial investment we regard that course to be less accessible. If an online course only provides 1-3 short videos on a topic, we regard that course to be lower quality (usually.) We try to balance our consideration of new sources and courses to include in our catalog based on these two primary variables.