Affiliate Disclosure

How We Make Money

Websites cost money to run—that’s just a fact of life. Many websites rely on traditional means of advertising such as banner ads, popups, and annoyances that take away from their main purpose of providing value. In our effort to provide a better overall user experience we’ve elected to rely on affiliate advertising partners to help support our website.

What this Means

This means two things; we don’t have a lot of annoying banner ads and tracking scripts to annoy you and slow down our website, and also that many of the courses listed here could earn us a slight commission should you elect to purchase premium versions from their sources. Examples of such affiliate partners are Udacity, Coursera, and Udemy. If you elect to purchase resources from these websites after visiting them from a link on Videolla, we may earn a small commission.

Everyone Wins

You aren’t charged for this and nothing is any different on your end of things—we just get paid for our effort of connecting those seeking online courses with those providing online courses. In a sense, we’re kind of a middleperson—but we’re providing a service and our middlepersonhood actually allows us to be less of a nuisance. On some occasions, when we feel it would be wanted, we may display hand-picked adverts from affiliate partners as well. This may appear a text links, image banners, or email offers. We filter these and are constantly removing those which our users indicate are unwanted.