Offline Marketing Tactics to Compliment Your Digital Campaigns

On this site we preach Search Marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online marketing in general. And online marketing has certainly become an increasingly important marketing segment that all businesses are paying attention to. But we also want to remind you not to forget about traditional offline marketing. They still work with great ROI. With all the attention that’s placed on online marketing, many businesses are forgetting the fact that they must continue to market offline if they want to continue to grow their business and gain new clients.

Back to the Basics

When it comes to marketing offline, there are tactics that have worked for many decades which shouldn’t be ignored. Some of these tactics work better than others, but it’s no secret that these tactics do work. If you’re looking for some ways to up your offline marketing efforts, check out these proven tactics to make sure everything goes great.

Direct Mail

One of the best old-fashioned methods that still works to generate leads and grow business is a direct mail campaign. Direct mail marketing almost always generates a substantial return on investment, as long as the mail piece is well-written, researched, and all around good.

Direct mail can help generate new leads and reinvigorate old leads, as long as the direct mail campaign is sent to the right people. If you’re able to precisely target your campaign based on market research, you’ll no doubt see a fantastic return on investment.

Promotional Materials

Another traditional marketing method that still works in today’s digital age is distributing promotional materials is more effective vs. advertising. Whether you offer some sort of reward to someone who comes in to your business, or you’re just passing things out at a fair or festival, promotional materials remain one of the most effective online marketing tactics.

Return on investment with promotional materials tends to be pretty significant, mainly because ordering your promotional materials in bulk from places like tends to be pretty cheap. It’s best to purchase a wide variety of promotional materials for events, ranging from things like sunglasses and Frisbees to mugs and notepads. The more diversity you have in your promotional materials the better, so make sure you’ve got heavily branded things to pass out to gain some more business.


Referrals remain one of the best types of marketing tactics, as word of mouth is the best way to advertise. Increase the number of referrals that you get by offering rewards to customers that bring you referrals. Setting up some sort of referral reward program is a great way to gain business and see a large return on investment, especially because you’ll only have to offer rewards if you get a referral.

This would be a great opportunity to offer some of the previously mentioned promotional materials as a reward to a customer who gives you referrals.

Hold Classes

Holding free classes or workshops is a great way to get traffic coming through your doors which will lead to more sales. Whatever your business is, hold free classes or workshops to help people become better at whatever it is that you do.

For example, if you run a home improvement store, offer classes on how to shingle roofs or put up drywall. You’ll get people into your store and build customer loyalty because you’re offering a great resource for free.